News photographer and photo editor who, with limited resources, has shot in the nation’s most ethnically diverse coverage area. Skilled reporter and editor with track record of dealing with challenging subjects and people. 

Co-creator of card game “Man Bites Dog: The Headline Game” (University Games, San Francisco). The game requires players to devise attention-grabbing headlines from word cards dealt to them. Featured on "Live with Kelly and Michael" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVIXpkXNeTQ), where Kelly Ripa explained the game helped her learning-challenged son learn to read, and NPR's "On The Media.” Used by Harvard School of Communications as teaching tool in innovative after-school program in Boston and Cambridge, Mass. school districts.

Co-author of “How to the the Perfect Mother-in-Law” (Andrews McMeel) with family-counsellor Camille Russo. Relationship book tackled problems no one had taken on before and sold nearly 30,000 copies. Montel Williams devoted an entire episode of his show to the book. TV appearances on ABC, Fox and scores of radio stations. Led to job co-hosting a weekly radio show for nearly two years on WEVD-FM in New York.  


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